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I am Ava Delaney

Singer, songwriter, actress, painter, poet, healer. 

Student of life, warrior of earth, eternally guided by intuition and the eternal magic of the great mystery. 

I practically leaped out of the womb singing Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell, or so my mom tells me. She takes credit for my musical inclination, having incubated me with the swirling sounds of wise poetic women. I first took to the stage at 4 years old for a local production of The Sound of Music, playing Liesel, and practically didn’t ever leave. 

I graduated high school playing Maria in 2018, and left Malibu for London to attend The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. English training sharpened my acting tools, and Covid 19 sharpened my hunger to experience the thrills of life again. A year of no performance and a vicious dance with an eating disorder had me feral and starving for creation, so I took a deep plunge into my songwriting, and struck poetic gold. Ive always been a big journaler, but getting to express my soul through song felt like next level therapy. 


After graduating in 2021, with the wind in my sail, an  deeply missing the stage, I let the fire within me guide me to deeper belief in my creation, recording my first record in 2022 with the incomparable genius that is Brian Kennedy, forming my band of brothers and playing shows around LA, and continuing my acting training.

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Life is precious,

art matters,


everything is energetic,


and we are stewards of this great earth heartbeat, so we might as well dance, and most importantly, feel.


May my songs create more space for us to feel, to see deeper possibilities of who we are and what we are capable of. May we return to our true nature, service to our precious earth and service to each other. 

May we weave the web of our excellence, and elevate our collective experience together. 

So much is possible. Keep Going.

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